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LEXIKEM represent some top Chinese, Indian and Pakistani companies for development of their export business in African and Middle East Countries. LEXIKEM provides its customers with easy access to high quality pharmaceutical healthcare finished products and ingredients. With an aim to ensure smooth development of our business, we all at LEXIKEM committed to single objective of customer satisfaction. That is to keep up good business relationships with customers by ensuring quality of supplied products at most competitive prices and on-time shipments / prompt processing of orders and inquiries. LEXKIEM FZE provides its customers with easy access to high quality healthcare raw materials and other chemicals. We are the exclusive representatives for a number of leading European, Chinese and Indian manufacturers; and we also carry additional products on a non-exclusive basis. Exclusive distribution rights from some manufacturers, giving LEXIKEM an edge over the competition. Our strong connections in West Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia gives us the marketing support we need to boost export of healthcare products. Years of commitment and hard work in building network has resulted in very good relations. LEXIKEM is able to provide export facilitation to healthcare industry around the world in West Africa, South East Asia and Central Asia. It has a team of well trained professionals who are capable to register healthcare products and then efficiently manage distribution network.